Zhongjian Zhaoshan impression lower stack model room

by Shanghai Aodan Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Zhongdie's design was inspired by the aesthetics of the Song Dynasty. Chen Yinke, a master of Chinese studies, said that "the civilization of China has evolved over thousands of years, and it has been built to the best of the Zhao and Song dynasties." The Song Dynasty is no longer the name of a dynasty, but has evolved into a unique aesthetic symbol in art history. At that time, the aesthetics required absolute simplicity, that is, the simplicity of round, square, plain color and texture. Different from the Tang Dynasty, the beauty is red and green, but the Song Dynasty people used ink to paint and monochromatic glaze to burn the porcelain. So far, Song calligraphy and landscape paintings are still recognized as the highest quality and style in the world, and their aesthetic influence has not disappeared. The design of the whole set of model rooms integrates the cultural core of Song Dynasty aesthetics with modern life; from flowers, incense, paintings, tea, porcelain, etc., the original beauty hidden in the lakes and mountains is introduced into one room, one thing, one side and one corner. . Lead us to revisit the definition of beauty and comprehend the essence of life.

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