Yuejianghui model room

by Xicheng design

Projet Description

The cloud model room of this project is located on the 13th floor of Yuejianghui, with an area of about 147 square meters. It has a large floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall and a 270° wide view of the river. It witnesses the encounter between the city, the river and the sea, and is designed with minimalism and contemporary art aesthetics. As the keynote, the light gray color atmosphere creates a pure and artistic immersive home meeting display scene. The design of the interior space reflects the closeness of jade to nature, without too much decoration, to maximize the introduction of scenery, extending the interior space, embellishing green plants, flowers and trees, the natural charm echoes inside and outside, and feels the vitality in the quiet and simple atmosphere, seascape, sunshine and scenery Surrounded, bring a natural and suitable cloud sensory experience, The indoor lighting is dominated by hidden linear lights. Two sets of curved sofas form a semi-enclosed reception area. The beige sofas are elegant in shape and carry a relaxed and stylish hospitality.

Xicheng design