Sunshine City Feiliwan Villa

by Wang Haomin

Projet Description

In the current era when Chinese culture is sweeping the world, Chinese elements and modern materials are ingenious and soft. Ming and Qing furniture, window lattices, and fabric bedding reflect each other, reproducing the subtlety of changing scenes. With the strengthening of national power and the gradual recovery of national consciousness, people began to sort out clues from the chaotic "imitation" and "copy". At the beginning of exploring the local consciousness of the Chinese design industry, the gradually mature new generation of design teams and consumer market gave birth to a subtle and beautiful new Chinese style. The living room is decorated with Chinese-style decoration materials mainly made of wood. Pay attention to engraving and painting, elegant shape. High-grade hardwoods such as rosewood or big-leaf sandalwood are mostly used. After the craftsman’s meticulous carving, each piece has a wonderful story. And each work can make people nostalgic for the past and a beautiful yearning for the future. The shape of the TV wall is simple and modern, but it is decorated with strong Chinese flavor in the eye-catching position. This wonderful combination gives people a strong visual willpower and becomes a soft and charming combination of fashion and classic.

Wang Haomin