Dalian railway Nord Lushun Chunfeng Shili

by Liu Wei

Projet Description

Take the bright moon on the sea as the theme and continue the spring breeze for ten miles. With the most original and simple materials, wood and stone... With contemporary methods, give new quality and form to the materials, so as to realize the perfect fit between the interior and the surrounding environment. Use some interesting accessories to give life to the space.
Integration of East and west aesthetics: simple sofa with red Chinese style leisure chair, accessories, edge tables and other details echo the theme of the combination of China and the West. The round water ripple tea table and bead chain chandelier are like the moon and stars rising on the sea. The invisible implantation of art and culture not only makes the space flexible and elegant, but also makes the space more connotative value. It combines space and art with aesthetics, enhances the stickiness between art and space, and endows space with soul.
The integration of eastern and Western Aesthetics: the intention of the paintings and decorations of the TV background wall, the connection between the color and material and the surrounding space, the intention of the background wall of the living room and the corner of the sofa, and the natural temperament of Harajuku softened the strong atmosphere of the combination of China and the West.

Liu Wei