Star Cat House

by Chen Yulin

Projet Description

Today, with the rapid development of material conditions, people pay more and more attention to the pursuit of spirit. Pets are good companions of people's spiritual sustenance, and related architectural designs and renovations have also sprung up. The cat house is located in the famous Bainaohui shopping mall in Shanghai. It is a typical open shop in a shopping mall. The space needs to be redesigned and transformed to successfully separate the cat house from the cat area. The 24-hour experiential user space provides a comfortable space for cats and at the same time provides a relaxing and pleasant place for shovelers to interact with cats. The space where this project is located is a cube, like a box, simple and clear. Opposite the mall aisle is a large-area LOGO wall. The cat's paw and the cat's head-shaped recliner echo each other, which makes people firmly attracted at first glance. The glass door is pushed open, and the special arc-shaped partition separates the cat cat area from the cattery sales area. The arc-shaped partition breaks the square pattern on all sides and makes the walking line more comfortable. At the same time, the cat sales area and the cat supplies sales area are separated by cabinets, which invisibly divides several different functional areas. Each area presents different privacy and scenery, providing a variety of artistic conceptions.

Chen Yulin