Huamei Medical Plastic Surgery

by Zhang Qi

Projet Description

This project is located in a 5A office building in the core business district of Huai'an. The object of the project is Huamei Medical Plastic Surgery. The design is centered on the concept of creating an "art space", which defines the spatial quality in terms of color, shape, light and shadow, atmosphere, and artistic conception. The main tune, coupled with the extended shape and the twists and turns of the wall, creates a visual enjoyment of the space. The beauty of the human body is the most beautiful and vital beauty in nature. The design of the reception hall includes the characteristics of symmetry, balance, unity, circulation and other formal beauty. Different lines show dynamic, soft, coordinated, and different visual aesthetics, highlighting Huamei Medical Plastic Surgery is well versed in the beauty of the human body. "The human body is the collection of all beauty, created in accordance with the laws of beauty." Therefore, the pure and graceful white is used to create a variety of shapes and contours. The straightforward image simulates the unique static beauty and dynamic beauty of human beings. An aesthetic experience that resonates.

Zhang Qi