Big Dream Bookstore

by Fujian Tianyi Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Big Dream Bookstore-the library of Fujian Medical University, the first compound human bookstore in the university city, here, you can stay quietly for an afternoon, enjoy the brewed coffee, search for a long-lost book, or look forward to a game An extraordinary encounter. It's so peaceful and so warm that you will remember deeply. The arc shape and the structure of the door head, the narrow and long network celebrity channel specially depressed at the entrance is in sharp contrast with the 9-meter ceiling height of the hall. The interior design is restrained and subtle, with simplicity over complexity, full of modern art. Taking into account the flexibility of use, and truly serving people and books in the bookstore, making people and books the protagonist of the space, reading the space area, cleverly using the original elevated conditions, creating the convenience of grabbing and sitting, and the activity space area As a multifunctional area, an event salon is held here, where the fragrance of books and coffee makes people comfortable, creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

Fujian Tianyi Design Co., Ltd.