Song • wine holding listening

by Guo Lanlan

Projet Description

The resident population in this case is a family with two husbands and wives + a daughter, who likes to be quiet and likes to enjoy the light. From the moment of entering the house, the sense of home ritual is opened. The dark-colored rough-faced ceramic tiles are used as the dust area at the door. The Japanese-style rolling shutters vaguely divide the space. The moment the rolling shutters are opened, you formally enter a quiet and comfortable home. The large-area micro-cement paint and the ground terrazzo texture combine the quietness of the space just right. The Changhong glass door in the kitchen and the tulle at the entrance of the study are all talking about "hazy"... Until the lamp is gradually extinguished, the morning light is faint, and the long-lost beauty, with the texture flowing into the midsummer light year space, there is a long dream... People also say that at least scholarship can be far-reaching, and there is poetry and literature in the belly...

Guo Lanlan