Soft furnishings of Ramada Hotel Dongjiang Lake in Chenzhou

by Guangzhou Chidao Interior Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

The Dongjiang River combines nature, folklore, and humanity as a reflection. By escaping from the hustle and bustle of the world, wearing a sash, sing a fisherman's song, silently walk through the hall on the enchanting lake with a view of the lake and mountains. Between talking and laughing, leisure and contentment is the concept; following nature, quoting nature, inheriting nature, recreating nature, combining all natural elements with modern decoration techniques, cleverly applying them to soft furnishings, creating the unique vitality of wine as an element; The earth color and dark green are dyed and decorated at the midpoint of the space. Together with rock lime, hawksbill shell, plain white and walnut colors, they condense the realm of leisure and vacation, echo the poetic beauty of lakes and mountains, set off the excellent space atmosphere, and create the soft decoration conceptual design of Ramada Hotel in the East Jianghu for color

Guangzhou Chidao Interior Decoration Design Co., Ltd.