iBesho hotel

by Ren Fengni

Projet Description

A residence elsewhere, a newer and unique residence than at home. Taking home as the theme, reflecting the regional culture, combining retroism, and at the same time, the quality products that have people's beautiful needs, emphasizing the theme of home and the difference between hotels, and constructing unique and unique hotel products. We take Chongqing’s urban culture as the origin of creativity, express contemporary people’s understanding of China and the world, and present the diverse souls of Chongqing’s inclusive rivers and rivers through design. He should be satisfied with people's aesthetic preference for Chongqing, passionate and unrestrained. Then further deepen the thinking from the age group, combined with Chongqing's own temperament and architectural characteristics. Design and rework. We hope that the form it expresses is free expression without a specific style, rather than our preconceived stereotyped impression. In thinking about the design of other places, we believe that home should be a pure and objective understanding based on feelings.

Ren Fengni

任凤妮 重庆木梓墨空间设计有限公司联合创始人兼创意总监 2005年毕业于川美环艺系,主攻室内设计,性格热情开朗,做人做事正直大方。作为女性,性格中带有男性的刚毅,正如自己的作品刚柔并济、个性鲜明。当然在设计以外,还拥有一个幸福的小家,有爱自己的老公和两个可爱的儿子,生活工作齐头并进。家庭常常给我带来设计的美好氛围和艺术灵感。我可以和我的家人们一起分享设计,非常有趣。我们也常常一起出行去看看外面美好的事物。工作中,我有一个非常好的团队,大家为了共同的爱好和理想认真对待每一个项目,共同打造有温度有感情的作品。