by Yan Ming

Projet Description

The designer Yan Ming tries to find a way to create a free atmosphere between the volume and objects of the space, blending with warm light and intersecting soft shadows, time flows in the space, and settles out in a quiet beauty. The power of nature and art. At the same time, it awakens the deepest perception of beauty in people's hearts, so that people in the space can "blind on the skin" with nature, making people's feelings return to exquisiteness, making life rough, smooth, fragrant, bright, and repackaged. The lighting surface is single, the external facade cannot be used for opening windows, and the large-scale space is introverted. These all affect the light of the space. For a space that is related to maintenance, soothing and relaxation, light is particularly important. Therefore, the designer gives the light from different angles to create a natural light feeling and give a just right feeling of light. A large number of curves are used in the interior to create a gentle and powerful space atmosphere. To create any gaps where sunlight can enter, match the curved surface and height of the space, to present the brightness and sacredness of white moonlight.

Yan Ming