Beijing Huishang Hometown Yuandadu Store

by Intent East (Beijing) Design Consultant Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Beijing Huishang’s Hometown Beitucheng Store is a dining space project invested and constructed by Huishang’s Hometown Cultural Development Group and designed by Yixiang Dongfang (Beijing) Design Company. This case is a cultural themed catering project adjacent to the Yuan Dadu Site Park in Beijing to operate traditional Huizhou cuisine and showcase Huizhou (Huangshan) and Huizhou merchant culture. The Hometown of Hui Merchants is a catering brand characterized by Hui cuisine and Hui culture. Therefore, the design of this case first considers the traditional cultural elements of Huizhou as the material, and combines its brand characteristics and the physical and spatial conditions of the area to sort out, plan and refine the original spatial structure, business function requirements and cultural expression elements. In the space design, the traditional cultural elements of Huizhou are absorbed, applied and tailored, and the artistic expression and design expression are carried out with traditional Chinese artistic expression methods, expressing the paintings of the Xin'an painting school of Huizhou landscapes, and the strange stones of Huangshan. The beauty of Huizhou folk house doors and windows, the beauty of Huizhou scenery, and the beauty and wonderland of Huangshan have all been artistically interpreted and expressed through space decoration design and furnishing design.

Intent East (Beijing) Design Consultant Co., Ltd.

Ning Liu, and Chenxi Guo, cofounders of Yi Xiang Oriental Design&Consulting Company(Beijing), both the general Directors of design and creation working team, expert in new oriental style interior design work. Their work focuses on combing the traditional cultural elements, regional cultural features, studying business managing rules and its connections with interior design and apply them all tactfully to their design work. They stick to the designing principle of “inheriting and creating” to express the sophisticated beauty of oriental style through their unique design. They fuse the new and the old in their work and apply traditional Chinese elements to modern style interior design. Their works demonstrate perfect fusion of the cream of traditional Chinese aesthetics and modern design styles,hence have received awards in interior design including the Idea Tops, Golden Bund Award, Huading Award and IF Design award. Their design and consulting company has offered services involving hotel design, culture space design, catering space design for many companies and groups and undertook and successfully completed more than 60 projects ever since foundation.