Shiou wangzhuang building King

by Li Xun

Projet Description

Fuzhou, established in 202 AD, is an important city on the southeast coast of China and one of the first coastal port cities to open to the outside world. Whether it is from the glorious past or the rapid changes today, this city has attracted the attention of the world . The Dubai-class building complex of Shiouwangzhuang is a luxury residential project of Rongxin Group's benchmark product. It is the only residential building in Fuzhou with a helipad on the roof of a residential building. "Home" is the most mainstream living space for people, and it is the place where most people's dreams and stability are stored. The process of designing this case is closer to a process of construction---constructing a master who has requirements for the quality of life and tastes all the established facts and unknown expectations for home, life, and the past and the future. This case takes people's pursuit of beauty based on modern life as the source of design inspiration. The designer of this case, Mr. Li Xun, uses his interpretation and comprehension of Hong Kong-style exquisite lifestyle. In the design, the original taste of sunny and comfortable life is restored, not only to create a space atmosphere, but also to build a container for a beautiful life, and a colorful life will bloom from then on...

Li Xun