Warm and Sunny

by Li Peiyao

Projet Description

This is a 450-square-meter townhouse located in the east section of Nanjing City. It is also the sixth project completed by I-Space Design in this community. The villa is divided into three floors above the ground and two basements. Because the owner only considers living in a family of three, the elders occasionally come to take care of it, so in the planning and utilization of the space, the design should be designed with a generous living scale as much as possible. In addition to the interior design, the top floor and courtyard have also been re-planned and constructed. In terms of style design, it presents the modern light luxury that the owner likes; in terms of functional layout, the floors are cut and clear: the first floor is mainly for the hospitality area and elders' rooms; the second floor is for the master bedroom and children's room; the third floor is for guest rooms; The basement is for leisure activities and office areas. The style of the space is not only reflected in the use of materials. Its core is actually the externalization of lifestyle and concepts. The lighting design of the living room without the main lamp and the minimalist plain dark-grained wall coverings have almost no extra line decoration. Under the simple brushstrokes, the designer shows the free change in the details. The asymmetrical design of the background wall, the splicing of gray and white floor tiles, the warm wood meets the hard stainless steel metal rivet sofa, and the white marble slab circle table makes the space change. Out of eclectic free style and home quality. In terms of soft outfits and colors, the designer applied a large area of fashion darling Midnight Blue, which is gentle, sharp, mysterious and full of vitality, adding a touch of retro style to the space. The texture of the suede of the sofa and carpet is not excessively public, free and casual. The luster and texture make it easy to become the focus of the audience. The background wall paintings and pillows are also just right spotted with a little blue and burgundy to echo the space, making the colors more layered.

Li Peiyao