Chengdu Longhu • Qianshan Xinyu Villa

by Xu Shengming

Projet Description

Put a large area of glass into the room, introduce the natural landscape and the poetry of light and shadow into it, forming a dialogue between the interior and the exterior of the building, adding infinite romanticism to the entire space. Light is in an architectural space, full of possibilities and freedom, leaving traces in the space with its rich forms. Based on the current aesthetic trends and artistic techniques, I try to combine solitude, simplicity and modernity to form a different "eclectic" doctrine. The designer takes contemporary, cultural, and artistic as the basis of symbiosis, and combines traditional oriental beauty with contemporary art to pursue the simplicity and purity of indifference and tranquility. The use of arcs and the plain texture of the white walls reveal a retro, rustic and rough feeling. The light and shadow undulate inside the house like ocean waves, delineating the lines and boundaries of the building.

Xu Shengming