Shangqiu Jianye Shihe mansion Sales Office

by Shanghai Binzhan Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Incorporating the color of history into the elements of modernity, and colliding the well-behaved traditional classics into trendy colors, every attempt and innovation is a breakthrough and improvement. Jianye Shihe Mansion is located in Liangyuan District of Shangqiu City. The project site is located at the intersection of Huashang Avenue and Xinglin Road. For Zhongyuan, the Chinese civilization is the accumulation of history and time. Because of the blessing and continuation of Chinese civilization, this city and this building have a heavier background and more cultural confidence. Either magnificent, simple and elegant, wandering in the meantime, appreciate the elegance and calmness of life, and at the same time reap the comfort and tranquility of the return of the tired bird.

Shanghai Binzhan Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd.