Nanjing Jianfa jiuxi mansion Marketing Center

by Mansi Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

While strolling in the courtyard, the sound of silk and bamboo seems to have the wonderful experience of Wang Xizhi's writing of "Here are mountains and mountains, lush forests and bamboos, and there are clear currents and turbulences, reflecting left and right." A chant and a chant are also enough to narrate the secret feelings. The quiet place is the poetic south of the Yangtze River with white walls and black tiles. It is picturesque and beautiful every inch, with silks entwined with ancient charm. In the Chinese gardening philosophy, the emphasis is on nature. It is thoughtful and integrated into the interior of the oriental architectural philosophy. Create independence and sense of region in the form of facade blocks, porches, etc., and let the flow of vibes run through. Step into the inner pavilion space, use the famous Ming painter Dai Jin's "Sunrise in the Sea" as the prologue, and Heishan stone carvings Contrast is formed in the scene of the ship, and vitality is derived from dependence and contrast.
The space in the court adopts the design of "four water return hall", and its architectural style concept comes from the Neo Confucianism of the unity of heaven and man inherited from Zhejiang culture. Changing scenery step by step, the blue sky under the overlapping eaves seems to frame a world, with a unique charm under the culture of Jiangnan. The design of reception space abandons the mixture of conventional Oriental elements, takes Zen Chinese aesthetics and modern elements, takes the aesthetic value and lifestyle of high net worth people as the starting point, integrates contemporary art and cultural design techniques, describes the Oriental form, meaning, Qi and rhyme on the space design, and reproduces a contemporary Chinese context with resonance between the old and the new, humanities and harmony.

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