Rongchuang Xuzhou Huaihai No. 1 Sales Office

by Mao Mingjing

Projet Description

Nowadays, the sales office is no longer just a display center, but has begun to assume more subsidiary experience functions. When in charge of the interior design of Sunac Xuzhou Huaihai No.1 sales office, we strive to provide customers with the ultimate immersive commercial space, experiential marketing strategy and dedicated service system. The creation of such a multi-dimensional experiential space is also a sign It officially entered the 3.0 era of sales offices. Inspired by the trendy internet celebrity market, which integrates internet celebrity check-in, color trend, activating new life, and social interaction, we are also trying to create a way to convey multicultural and innovative lifestyles in the interior space creation of the sales center. A trendy social platform, a gathering place where pyrotechnics and trendy culture coexist. Red, yellow, blue, three high-saturation trend colors, divided into three major time and space immersive experience zones: "past", "present" and "future", providing customers with an immersive space experience with both social experience and diversified experience .

Mao Mingjing