PIPIDOG Bespoke Eyewear

by Shanghai TaiXiang Glasses Co., Ltd

Project Description

Bespoke and stylish, the eyeglasses from PIPIDOG are designed for children. By using professional tools to measure childrens' facial parameters and head size, the eyeglasses are custom-made based on the measured dimensions and personalized needs of the users. This ensures a perfect fit when worn. Additionally, the frame color and material can be freely matched and replaced. The R&D team continuously designs diverse frame styles, materials, and colors based on market demands and fashion trends, creating eyeglasses that are both fashionable and personalized. This allows each pair of eyeglasses to have a unique frame, satisfying the individualized needs of children.

Shanghai TaiXiang Glasses Co., Ltd

Shanghai TaiXiang Glasses Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. At the beginning of its establishment, relying on the strong production background of the factory, the company established the vision of providing every Chinese child and adolescent with a healthy and comfortable wearing experience, and professionally provided high-quality and fashionable mirror frame products. After more than ten years of effort, the company has now possessed an excellent team of designers, developed three functional lens frame patents, established multiple professional glasses brands with high market awareness and reputation, and made many efforts in product innovation, including 3D customization and personalized research and development of glasses design, which has invested considerable financial and material resources. We have formed a complete set of professional processes for new product development, while also establishing a professional marketing team composed of excellent business personnel in the industry and a sales network throughout the country.