Interior Design of Chengdu West District Hospital Physical Examination Center


Project Description

Project name:Interior Design of Chengdu West District Hospital Physical Examination Center
Project Address: West Section 3, the First Ring Road, Chengdu, Sichuan
Project area: 2,000 square meters
Interior Design of Chengdu West District Hospital Physical Examination Center ,The project is located on the 6th floor of the west third section of the Second Ring Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu, with a total of more than 2,000 square meters, including the physical examination area for overseas personnel, the VIP physical examination area, the first area of general inspection and the second area of general inspection.
More and more people will pay attention to the internal environment of the hospital, and it is essential to build a clinic with both professional and quality. Hospitals are a rational existence in terms of professionalism, but users need more care. Therefore, we believe that firmness and softness is the theme implemented in the space, to reflect the professionalism and feel the warm care.
The first thing to see in the elevator is the reception hall. The light lines and lighting ribbons form a flowing dynamic rhythm in the space, connecting different scene areas, and the innovative way of presentation leads visitors to feel the charm of art. The vertical and horizontal superposition and opening and closing of the space, under the cooperation of light and shadow, is orderly, rich, relaxed and distinct. Due to the particularity of medical space, we fully consider the characteristics of medical treatment in the design, combined with the actual situation that the site height is not high, and do the top design with the concept of running water. The original not high top surface is designed to have a hierarchical and flowing effect.
The waiting area is the most direct place for people to have a sense of the atmosphere of the space. The designers want them to feel warmth and security. Traditional medical space is easy to make people feel monotonous. We add the visual feature of natural log color in the design, so that users can complete the process of a physical examination in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.
Extreme simplicity, choose to abandon the miscellaneous design elements, appropriately retain the details of the design, so that not only to adapt to the needs of breakfast after the physical examination, but also to create a calm comfort for people, so that it is immersed in the joy of enjoying a meal. Originally a small breakfast area, in order to make users more convenient and fast meal, we set up
In addition to being clean and pure, the corridor has no redundant decorative language, no skills, trying to create a space in the integration of nature, landscape and architecture, to make the patients calm and listen to all things. The corridors in different areas are treated with different colors and materials. Allows users to quickly distinguish between different functions.

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