Orchid-Smart Streetlight

by Henan Chuitian IM Co, Ltd.

Project Description

Innovation: Orchid is an innovative orchid-shaped streetlight that utilizes advanced functions integration and smart platform control. The streetlight integrates smart lighting, wireless charging of cell phone, one-key call and other functions, providing convenient and efficient public services for citizens. Through the smart control system, it enables the monitoring, control, and management of city roads, providing convenience for urban infrastructure management and improving the efficiency of city management.
Design: The product modeling is simple and generous, showing the elegant beauty of orchids. The upper pole body is made of sturdy and durable integrated steel profile, while the modular lower pole body can be customized or replaced with color, material and function of the streetlight according to the user's demand. The product adopts the plug-in design at the light head connection, hidden lamp cap screw holes design and waterproofing design of the light-emitting cover baffle, which simplifies the installation process and improves the aesthetics of the pole, and effectively prevents failures due to the moisture of the electrical equipment, so as to improve the durability of the street light.
Function: Intelligent control system consists of pole body, intelligent control equipment and AIOT intelligent control platform. The interactive touch screen of the pole can provide real-time product location information and status; the replaceable advertising light box can meet different publicity needs; the large-capacity maintenance compartment can provide more resources for repair and maintenance. Intelligent control system is equipped with wireless charging of cell phone, SOS, automatic dimming, intelligent monitoring and remote control and other functions, which provides convenience for people's life.
The product is designed with anti-glare, intelligent touchable screen, voice, light or icon prompts, which solves the shortcomings of harsh and reflective light and enhances the comfort and convenience of users. Considering the average height in China, the height of disabled people and children, the designer adopts the design of touch screen interaction height (1.5 meters), wireless charging interaction height (1.1 meters) and one-button call interaction height (0.86 meter), which meets the ergonomics, thus providing users with a more comfortable experience.
Material: The product uses high-strength steel, with anti-corrosion galvanization and coating processes, providing resistance to corrosion, high temperature stability, wear resistance, and electrical insulation properties, which provides conditions for adapting to force majeure factors such as exposure to the weather and intentional destruction, thus guaranteeing the stability and safety of the streetlight.

Henan Chuitian IM Co, Ltd.

Henan Chuitian IM Co, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Chuitian IM) is mainly dedicated to the production, research and development and promotion of intelligent versatile poles, and is the first modern intelligent manufacturing enterprise in the industry to realise the production automation, equipment intelligence and process greening. Covering a total area of more than 90 acres, the plant is designed with four workshops, namely, intelligent manufacturing workshop, intelligent galvanising workshop, intelligent painting workshop and intelligent assembly workshop. The production line of the Company is co-designed by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tsinghua University, SIPPR Engineering Group and reputed experts in the industry, covering all the aspects from process flow, plant layout, logistics route to equipment function and digital management system, focusing on the transformation of equipment involved in the process based on information, intelligence and automation, to realize a digital and visualized intelligent workshop.