Park one marketing center

by Shanghai Benji Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

The context of the East, the modern style in the context of the East. Stepping into the sandboard area of the first space, the lobby is high and magnificent. "The first class person regards etiquette as an official, and there is no way to stand without learning etiquette." For this reason, the design of the sandpan area is capable and concise, opening the prelude to the entire space with a rich order. The moon fell and the sky was full of frost, and the fisherman Jiang Feng was sad. Jiangsu is blessed with unique landscapes and spirituality, and its multi-cultural diversity has made the city more dimensional. We explore the context of Orientalism and start a dialogue between the fresh and gorgeous style and the elegant and timeless traditional culture. The two moving lines of the horizontal axis and the vertical axis intersect in the negotiation area, which divides the square and square, but is full of open and interactive functional partitions. This is also the meaning of the introduction of the oriental context. The walls on both sides of the vertical axis are slightly extended towards the center. The streamlines reflecting the square on the top are integrated into one, and the metal cabinet structure array is used at the bottom to open up the sense of ritual division at both ends. In the embellishment of chandeliers and artworks, the monotony and emptiness of the space are broken, and the facade visual is more solemn.

Shanghai Benji Architectural Design Co., Ltd.