Oak Bay Villa

by Zhao Hongchao

Projet Description

This project is a stacked villa on the first floor and basement. The original structure of the entire space has too long stairs and insufficient light in the basement, which becomes a flaw in the entire space. For this reason, the design technique is used to subvert the traditional cognitive mode, thereby releasing the entire sense of space. come out. The light luxury style is based on minimalism and highlights the quality through some meticulous high-end soft furnishings, revealing a good taste. The overall use of metal wood veneer hard package stitching and marble materials to create a light luxury style, consider only two The floor space should be fully utilized and comfortable in the basement, so that the southern living room floor slab on the first floor is cut to connect to the basement, so that the basement can get sufficient light. The entire square space is elegant, noble and chic, and the use of glass material reveals a sense of beauty and a sense of fashion in the entire space. Emotionally, the owners and the family can enjoy the warmth of each other's space. The whole space is mainly in medium tones, so that the owners can comfortably enjoy themselves in their living space after a busy day.

Zhao Hongchao