NORFET courtyard outside and inside

by Li Jian, Qin Shengxuan

Projet Description

The door and window system is a particularly important component of the building body and the indoor space. At the same time, the doors and windows should be integrated with the structure inside and outside the building. When we pay attention to the internal use, more and more users are also paying attention to the outdoor doors and windows. The unity of form and architectural structure and aesthetic feeling. Compared with the traditional display form of the door and window exhibition hall space, which is limited to the single explanation of the product from the indoor perspective, we hope to combine multiple angles to fully express the positive significance of the product for the future use of space. How to express the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces through intention in an indoor space is an entry point for us to think about. When walking in the space, can we form a hierarchy in the plane and elevation space through the way of indoor construction, so that we can feel the interconnected relationship between the hall and the courtyard from the intention upward. The elevated special-shaped volume at the entrance embodies the sense of ritual of entering a specific space while lifting into the interior.

Li Jian, Qin Shengxuan