by Guangzhou Anyan Interior Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

The project wants to create an atmosphere of a highly technological specialty store, and implant a large number of high-tech interactive devices or images to arouse the interest of local customers with the design method of de-sales department, so as to compete for personal time and promote transactions. happen; The soft outfit takes "the light of freedom" as the theme, and "the sense of future" is a fashionable, young and high-quality sales center with expression techniques. The sales department uses strong architectural techniques to form a fusion of architectural sculptures and functions from the outside to the inside. It is a synthesis of power art, nature, and emotion. Enlarge the charm of mass, modernity, interspersed, and technology to the daily reach, and make the prevailing international ecological planning a common language. The art pendant on the top is decorated with the grandeur of the city and the loneliness of technology, the linear beauty and light flow of natural waterways, and the urban waterway created by combining surreal design techniques. It carries the dream of the future that can be touched at hand, sailing freely and witnessing Prosperous blooming.

Guangzhou Anyan Interior Design Consulting Co., Ltd.