by Ning Liangliang

Projet Description

The project is a professional hair salon on the third floor of the mall. The design concept of this case draws inspiration from Escher’s thinking and his paintings, using "Escher" and "ball" as themes, and by describing the potential connection between reality and spirit, trying to show an extraordinary artistic and interesting philosophical The spirit of thinking, in order to pay tribute to the master! The designer called the space of the salon: "parallel universe", it is best to use the movie "Inception" to explain this concept. It makes time eternal and space unlimited! The shampoo area full of inception space makes the experience more comfortable, dreamy and quieter. The space is designed without the main light, and the light has become an indispensable symbol of the space. Only this kind of high-level sense can reflect the N+1 brand's business philosophy: to create unlimited possibilities. The space is based on minimalism, a large amount of blank space is matched with metal stainless steel material, and through the ingenious layout of the body, the tension of the performance space is displayed. All materials are environmentally friendly, and the whole space is completely decorated without odor to achieve a truly environmentally friendly design. Pure black, white and gray, clean lines, no extra decoration, simple and pure space, but it carries everything in the world.

Ning Liangliang