Mr. Jiang’s home

by Wang Zhongye

Projet Description

For a residential space, ‘comfort’ should be the most important element. After all, space connects people, and home connects people's emotions together. We don't want to design a luxurious home, we strive to find the logic of home comfort. This project is located in a villa in a park. The advantage of L-shaped continuous lighting makes the space extra wide. From the living room to the dining room to the kitchen, you can enjoy the same exterior view. The designer makes extensive use of the tone of the same color material, while the lines, lights, colors, and materials The unity of aspects brings continuity to each space. The TV wall structure creates the focal point of the space, and the connecting material on the right clearly echoes the staircase surface, which is both stable and visually impactful. The tea room on the second floor is combined with the main color on the first floor to give the space a sense of luxury and tranquility, humanistic feelings and comfortable beauty, dialogue with the residents' lifestyle, and a connection with the residents' emotions. The world is glitzy, and when I return home, I am willing to be at ease, and to reduce the complexity and simplify, so that the truth and beauty of the essence of life can be revealed.

Wang Zhongye