T4 model room in Gaoligong Town, Jingye Mingbang, Tengchong

by Zhou hui

Projet Description

This case is located in Tengchong, Yunnan and covers an area of 150 square meters. It is a hard-wearing case with a modern casual style. As the beginning of this case, the tea art area meets and fits the long-standing tea culture and life needs of Yunnan. The entire space is divided into areas with a suspended ceiling. The warm stone, elegant wood veneer, copper strips, simple furniture, and linen veneer all present a natural and simple state of returning to the original space. The distant mountains are like Dai, the blue waves are thousands of miles away, and the green trees form forests. The whole space adopts dark and light green as the embellishment color of the space. Simple shape lamps and appropriate small utensils make the space lively and interesting with the language of design.

Zhou hui