by Wang Lu

Projet Description

Through the language expression of structure and material, a rich spatial hierarchy is formed. When one is in it, walking or staying gives unlimited space for reverie. The living room has an open layout, with a full-fledged main light at the top of the space, and a delicate carved plaster line surround. In terms of color, minimalist white is used as the main color, which establishes a calm and restrained background color of the space. The dining room, kitchen and bar counter are designed as a multifunctional one, using modern design techniques to create a manor-like romantic dining space. The log retains the most beautiful look that nature gives it, and together with the white marble bar, it creates a relaxed dining atmosphere for the restaurant. Using light colors as the space tone, combined with modern concise lines, and exquisite carved corners, it adds a sense of ritual to life, creates a non-inertial French residence, and gives modern French a new life, full of leisure and natural atmosphere. The designer adds a sense of fashion and modernity to the French romance that the owner expects. Lamps and furniture are matched in this concept.

Wang Lu