Luxury private house

by Zheng Weiqiang

Projet Description

First of all, in the guest dining room and balcony, I connect the shared space together to make the whole space look open and comfortable. Choose soft and gentle colors, pay attention to smooth lines, and advocate simple and stylish design. The color matching of the furniture in the living room echoes the color coordination of the space, and the brightly-colored sofa is cleverly applied to the space to impose temperature on its life. The chic chandelier hovering above the moon table, and the semi-open kitchen bar design is an excellent choice for wine tasting or office work during leisure time. The master bedroom is more comfortable. The glass door separates the wardrobe and the bathroom, which not only achieves the balance of dry and wet, but also does not obstruct the line of sight, maintaining the maximum visual sense of the space. The children's room is mainly to increase the fun of the space, and the gentle color makes people feel clean and comfortable.

Zheng Weiqiang