C-Black box

by Zhou Chengjia

Projet Description

The design of the living room uses a large area of stained veneer, with environmentally-friendly PU stone and metal plates, abandoning complex shapes, and making the overall atmosphere highly artistic through the characteristics of the materials. Without too many stunning elements and complex colors, the calm space temperament brings a comfortable and atmospheric life experience. The piano area uses a combination of corrugated panels and lights, allowing the light to fall naturally on the corrugated panels. The beautiful piano sound and ripple light and shadow complement each other. The design of the bedroom continues the material of the living room, emphasizing a natural, simple and quiet beauty. This case is named after the C-Black box. The original intention of the design is to make the house retain all the life trajectories of the owner like a black box, and strive to live up to the time.

Zhou Chengjia