by Feng Zhibin

Projet Description

I think as far as living space is concerned, home means no matter how tired you are at work this day, you can relax as you enter that door, and you don’t have to be forced to cater to anything. This is home. Can see the past, present and future. The living room retains this large area of sunny natural light, extending inward along the floor-to-ceiling doors and windows, realizing the interaction of light, and the interactive light and shadow will produce lively and interesting changes over time. The atmosphere of the guest dining room, the texture is gray and wood, and the artistic dining room chandeliers enrich the entire simple space. At the same time, it also considers the storage function and satisfies the owner's usage habits. The bedroom layout is extremely simple, with furniture of the same color to create a textured space. Going from the complex to the ideal state of being quiet and indifferent. In terms of hard decoration, we never allow a trace of extra burden. The processing from point to line, line to surface, plane to three-dimensional must be clean and neat. The momentum of the hand raising the knife cannot tolerate a trace of indecision. The materials and colors are also unified and orderly, the outline is clear, and the primary and secondary are distinct. The environment is natural and beautiful, such as the pure platform and suspended ceiling, plus the nearly 5m large glass windows, between the plane and the three-dimensional, like a picture frame, the scenery outside the window is frozen into a picture, showing the beauty of spring and autumn and the changing seasons.

Feng Zhibin