East Lake FFC Future Center

by Shanghai Jundi Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

How to design a landmark building in a small town? A good headquarters in a small town should be considered from multiple dimensions. Then, for the internal space of this building, we created a basic point of communication and cultural dissemination, and created a resource platform with a design that combines technology and culture. At the same time, starting from multiple dimensions such as music, art, and technology, it not only satisfies the corporate office The needs of the place and corporate image can also arouse employees’ sense of pride and belonging, and complete the exchange of information and culture and the gathering of talents consciously and unconsciously, so that the humanities and field spirit can be integrated into the whole place. The interior decoration is based on "Humanities". Starting from the concept of ", science and technology, green", the visual design elements of "Cube, line, surface" are extended to connect the company's brand culture and display a space full of technology and culture.

Shanghai Jundi Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd.