Jinke Xianyang Jimei Jiayue Sales Office

by AOD design

Projet Description

Follow nature and balance the rules, live in nature and cultivate in nature. The development towards the future also changes nature at all times, the green is declining, and the ecology is being destroyed. The cost of rapid development has always been negative echoes, eager to explore an eternal path of conservation laws. The soft decoration color extracts the spatial color sense of nature, with black, white and gray as the main color, and embellished with the most vibrant and powerful green as the jumping color. Take water as the carrier and integrate into the architectural form to feel the beauty of the rhythm of the combination of movement and static in the space, incorporating nature into the indoor light and shadow vertical and horizontal, water rhyme floating, creating an ethereal landscape form. Water, stones, and flowers are quiet and powerful as the visual focus of the entire space. To build the future, a beautiful future life begins to set off for supporting facilities, and the greening of the environment constitutes a yearning for the future. Interactive negotiation atmosphere, open space vision, quality details, natural and technological elements are integrated and interacted with each other to achieve balance and sharing, and space to negotiate easily.

AOD design