Deshang •zhangtai •jiazhaoye Feili Marketing Center

by Ruidu Design Consultants Ltd.

Projet Description

The world focuses on Wuhan, and Wuhan focuses on Optics Valley. In the journey to the "Optical Valley of the World", industry sparks are needed, and population enthusiasm is needed. The high-quality life at the spire of Optics Valley urgently needs the blessing of high-end projects with product strength. German business Zhangtai Kaisa • The Feili Cullinan project is located in Optics Valley, Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone. It has a top living circle, enjoys abundant urban and natural ecological resources, and carries the trend of the times. In this project, Sharpness joined hands with the three major groups of German business, Changtai, and Kaisa to focus on the core and precious land of Optics Valley, exploring the relevance of the times and regions from the perspective of openness and closeness, creating a new high-end cover for the city, and casting a blue city. Works at this level. The perspective of looking at a city determines the height and depth of a project. Sharpness is based on the "bright light on the ridge of the city" as the story line: relying on the local context, find the context from the "city of hundred lakes", condense the unique "hundred lakes" design elements, and capture the natural form of Wuhan East Lake , And abstracted into the space plan, creating emotional resonance with users.

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