Jinhui Chengdu Wenjiang Fengqi Yunjing demonstration area model house

by Shanghai Weishi Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

The charm of sunshine lies in its heat and light. Through everything, there is both a natural and orderly present and an endlessly beautiful future. The Chengdu Jinhui•Fengxi Yunjing Project, which was constructed by Microroom Design, uses "light" as the core clue to transform the company's brand-new IP "Sunshine Xiaorui" image. Aiming at the new start of Jinhui Group's ten-year strategy, it reshapes the corporate brand image, interprets the city light of Wenjiang in Chengdu, shows the natural light of morning and evening, and creates a new direction of comfortable, natural and livable urban life. The project is located in the prosperous area of Wenjiang Chuangzhi in Chengdu, quiet and far-reaching, not far from the city.

Shanghai Weishi Architectural Design Co., Ltd