Dover mountain river Yipin villa model room A

by Shenzhen asymptote Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

This case is located in Xiapu County, northeast Fujian. In a small city close to the sea, the warm sunshine accompanied by the warm sea breeze slowed everything down. Walk leisurely on the beach, chasing the gentleness of the sunset. Based on the inclusive, open, innovative and enterprising of the seaside city, the designer has improved the complexity of the French style, retaining the essence of its romantic fashion, and creating a light and luxurious living quality in a modern city. Focusing on the big picture, the designer captures the charm of French style in the hard-cover design. The tough retro gypsum wiring, the collision of the three-dimensional wall panels and the marble, paved the romantic French atmosphere of the living room space. The soft sofa lines, matte metal and light and delicate flannel, like an elegant lady, the soft furnishings reflect the exquisite style of the living room. The improved fireplace is more suitable for the texture of modern style, and combined with the art mural, reproduces the French classic and retro scene. The palace murals bring an extended sense of space, and being in it is like returning to the romantic capital of Paris, France. The wall lamps and chandeliers in the living room abandon the complicated French crystal lamps, and the light and fashion sense is accompanied by the light.

Shenzhen asymptote Architectural Design Co., Ltd