Heze Villa Model Room

by Xicheng design

Projet Description

The Heze Greenland City Dieshu project is located in Mudan District, Heze City, Shandong Province, adjacent to 20,000 acres of Zhaowang River Wetland Park, surrounded by high-quality education resources for all ages, and convenient transportation. It is not only an ecological community, but also the future of urban life. . The design of the stacked model rooms will integrate the aesthetics, personality, and attitudes of the urban elite circles into the space scenes of different types of houses. The stacked courtyards and the stacked terraces echo the natural aesthetics inside and outside the living quarters, returning to the purest life. The truth. The design of the upper stack draws inspiration from Song style aesthetics and takes the Northern Song Dynasty Ru Kiln sky glaze as the theme color. The entire space is full of poetic and romantic romance. The natural and fresh leaf stems and orchid elements linger in the elegant water lu sky cyan. The elegant curved lines flow in the space, and the smooth and smooth furniture scales combined with the patchwork lamps and lanterns are intended for the extraction and implantation of ecology. The elevation provides guests with an artistic and natural visit experience.

Xicheng design