Jiazhaoye • Lushan No. 1 Marketing Center

by Ruidu Design Consulting Co., Ltd

Projet Description

The interior space continues the architectural appearance, and the transition makes the space unique. This is the turning technique of mountain art. The space story unfolds from the dream-walking wonderland that seems to have broken into Alice, into the virtual path of dreamland, looking up like a magical starry sky forest. Elf-like fireflies that can be touched fly in the forest, invisibly revealing some ethereal poetry that is not available in the world. Bringing the story and time into the interior space also gives the space a vertical connection. From the bottom to the top, the three themes of "land art", "firefly starry sky" and "magic forest" are brought into the space from the bottom to the top. The different spatial experiences of "seeing the tree", "gazing the stars" and "traveling" are brought into consideration. With the spatial perception and poetic expression of "the romantic color of the galaxy, and the fireflies flying by the moon watching". The design breaks the original solidification, and disassembles the front hall into a canyon entrance into another continuous new space. The human and the scene are shifted, natural light is scattered and scattered, and the narrative sense of the space emerges spontaneously. The large fold, as a building block that penetrates the interior and exterior, is like a curtain slowly unfolding. Installation artwork: "The Tree of Life" originated from the interpretation of tolerance of nature, a corner of which is self-contained, resuscitating all things and creating the world.

Ruidu Design Consulting Co., Ltd