Jiangnan story health club

Projet Description

Lighting is the adjuster of space art atmosphere. In the environment where the main color of the whole room is Klein blue series, it is pure, warm and calm. With the outgoing prosperous and the inherent nature as the design concept, the high-level pursuit of the unity of nature and man. Especially the relationship between the projection of light and the layout of art installations in different locations, such as meeting with a mirror will extend the space indefinitely and give birth to different possibilities. We want to create an effect that only sees "light" but not "lights" in the space, so it is not only the design of lighting, but also the design of shadows. The light reflection effect in the aisle, as if there is another Jiangnan . The encounter between Jiangnan's quaint simplicity and modernity creates new vitality, the heart cultivates virtue, and the artistic conception is far-reaching. It is transparent horizontally and accessible vertically, revealing the Chinese philosophical thought of "zhongzheng and peace". "Luxury and elegant" cool colors, overflowing with the distinguished pattern of guests, and at the same time highlighting the unique hospitality in the hearts of its principals. The austere wood color and the stylized brushstrokes are a bit of a touch, and the simplicity is shocking. The winding path leads to a secluded place, and the Zen room has deep flowers and trees.