Tianjin Eye Hospital Optometry Center Hebei Branch

by Guangzhou Chengyi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

Circle is the knowledge of Chinese Taoism; Fang is the ideal realm of Chinese Confucian personality cultivation. Round and square, Confucianism and Taoism complement each other, which constitutes the main spirit of Chinese traditional culture. The medical attitude of Tianjin ophthalmology to strive for excellence and benevolence is the embodiment of the "main purpose of benevolence and righteousness" of Confucianism. The design style has always been reflected in this essence.
The Hebei store takes professional medical technology and dedicated service to customers as its core, and optimizes functions according to local conditions, which fully reflects the simple and comfortable medical taste. It not only retains the gene of the "round sky and round place" in the design, but also expresses its own style perfectly. Profoundly created the unique style of Tianjin Ophthalmology: "warm and graceful, fashionable and comfortable", every modification is just right.

Guangzhou Chengyi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.