Datang • Yuhu Impression Marketing Center


Projet Description

Putian, Fujian, also known as Putian. In the Puxian tradition, the roots of civilization that lasted for a thousand years have its unique cultural history and rich cultural precipitation. The Datang Yuhu Impression Marketing Center is located in this thousand-year-old city. This time, Salavi and Shangshi teamed up to deconstruct Putian’s historical culture based on local culture, combined with local architectural features, and write the most beautiful and good-looking sales center with oriental charm. "Su" is not in the big, but in the heart, in the little touch in the heart, and this touch is also "originated" from the source of each person's own growth. As far as Putian is concerned, the source of growth is the unique "Swallow House Ridge". Such "rising houses" are not only a house, but also a spiritual sustenance and cultural sustenance. symbol. This project integrates the unique local roof ridge shape into the indoor space, and the main purpose of tracing the origin according to local conditions, based on the exploration of Chinese regional culture and spirit, with respect and awe for Chinese traditional culture and aesthetics, contemporary design The elements are integrated into the traditional aesthetics, composing a section about the local "Impression of Mazu" in Putian.