Hangzhou Zhongqi Genshan Mansion

by Lu Jing

Projet Description

I don’t want it to be presented just for decoration, as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said: “I am not against form. But I am against seeing form as a goal.” I like a movie and show its wonderful elements this time. In the design, let it have a story and memory. A classic Hong Kong film in the 90s, "Jenny Herbertney" appeared, James' black leather jacket by the Seine River, red vintage Austin Healey 3000 by the Côte d’Azur, sky-reaching The band of thieves impressed the time and warmed the years. "The beginning of "Jenny Herbertney" Introduced the main storyline, the dark side of the light and shadow, the dark material is like a mysterious thief in the dark, the red single chair in the distance is flamboyant in the sun. Confident and chic, the protagonists in the movie drove the red convertible sports car to steal the famous paintings. The scene is completely different from ordinary thieves, and corresponds to the classic line of Leslie Cheung’s extraordinary spirit: "I am a thief, read the newspaper tomorrow"

Lu Jing