Haikou Changying Global 100 -Baolong Town villa

by Lanshe Interior Design

Projet Description

This is an art space full of flowing sunlight. Stepping into the whole building through the watering stone steps, what separates the inside and outside is not the thick wall but the glass curtain across the painting and calligraphy hall, which can reflect the green of palm trees and the sunrise and sunset of Haikou into the hall. Except for the seamlessly integrated painting and calligraphy and the sculptural wooden chair, there is no excessive layout, with simple and lively space lines and the elegant natural color of marble material. The design concept of "natural de-carving" makes the boundary between the inside and outside of the building change. It must be vague, but it also provides the artist in it with the quietness necessary for thinking and creation. With the square lighting well as the central axis, facing the painting and calligraphy hall is the living room. The symmetrical arrangement of the two embodies the construction of space by oriental aesthetics, and the mutual response of functions also demonstrates that " Within; the laugh of cultured wit; where no gross soul intrudes ". Elegant legacy. Here, the beauty of classic and modern mirrors and merges with each other.

Lanshe Interior Design