Floating light and thin shadow \own the outstanding ability

by Chen Yan

Projet Description

Light and shadow are the soul of space. The ancients did not have shading skills in painting at first, and they wrote improvisationally when they saw light and shadow: " Dappled shadows hang aslant over clear shallow water; Secret fragrance wafts in the moonlit dusk.". Poems have been passed down for thousands of years, because of light and shadow. If you only consider the practicality of the space, the craftsman is enough. The design allows the space to capture the traces of light and shadow and become a container of time. With three or two spotlights, a grille can project a scene; a few meters of light strips and glass curtain walls are also winding paths; the leaves are like natural paintings, with different postures under the lights. Where is there no poetry? There is also a cluster of warm-colored flames reflecting blue light under the light, quiet but also "burning"! The white background is blue, light gray and fog blue, and the areas are divided by color, making the atmosphere and texture presented in the space more pure. From the ceiling to the floor, from the design to the soft decoration, a large area of white space isolates the space from the outside world, filters the redundancy visually, and creates a focused environment.

Chen Yan