Elegant sincerity

by Shenzhen Anjia Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

No matter from which angle you look out, the floor-to-ceiling windows of the living room and dining room are like huge picture frames. Cut the courtyard and the light and shadow of the evening into a painting and stand in front of your eyes. The shadows of the trees and the steaming heat from the bathing pool blended the image with the oriental charm, and the breeze traveled freely in the room, blowing away the irritability and fatigue of summer. When looking at the old colors from a positive perspective, those colors with "weary, dim, and thin" have "low-key, reserved, simple, concise and free and easy temperament", and possess the beauty of Zen and lack of simplicity. Ancient utensils, age-old tea, rough-textured soil walls... What we cherish is the essence revealed over time, revealing a beauty full of years. That kind of self-consistent and harmonious atmosphere, It is the "Oriental charm" that the owner of the space lives a little bit. The scenery outside the window is the best decoration, so the indoor furnishings must be finished, and even disappear in the space. Therefore, the wall is simply painted with a mottled texture of straw paint, brick by tile, window by grid, appearing in form and hidden in scenery.

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