Beijing Hongrui Xifeng xiadie

by GSD Shanghai Jingyuan Interior Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

Based on "inheritance" and focusing on "innovation", Hongrui West Peak is stacked under the model room. It is surrounded by the western mountain, adjacent to the mountain scenery, and inherits the gene of Oriental culture. It is both dignified and thick in the north and scholarly in the south. It is broad-minded, but there is no lack of calm and introverted. In the designer's works, the space takes inheriting the Chinese gene and giving the modern outline as the main axis, reconstructs the new paradigm of Oriental life, and uses ink as the connecting space. From point to line, from line to surface, the charm of power and beauty and flow blend indoors, and virtual and real coexist. By transforming and shaping the contemporary life rich in Oriental heritage, slowly pour out the elegant literati complex and convey the humanistic and poetic brand connotation in the long artistic conception of oriental charm.

GSD Shanghai Jingyuan Interior Design Co., Ltd