Courtesy Care | Light and Shadow of Free Breathing

by Chongqing Dongying Interior Architecture Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

The project lies in the middle commercial section of one street and two gardens in Baguo City, a 4A scenic area in Chongqing. With the ancient city gate and General Pavilion as the main elements, the project is one of the most representative buildings of Bayu culture. Finding a quiet and relaxing place to relax in the midst of the city, so as not to ruin the integrity of the space, and giving enough light and heat to the space is the primary point of consideration. Combining with the characteristics of the building itself, the spatial planning is inspired by the Bayu architectural features of the hanging foot tower, with the highest point nearly 7 meters high distributed over three floors. The first floor is the main space, containing the reception hall, children's recreation area, consultation rooms, etc., the second floor office space, and the third floor comprehensive conference area, with progressive layers and staggered heights. For the better relief of patients' emotions and pressure, redefining the sense of coldness and distance brought by traditional dentistry, the courtyard layout of the main space on the first floor is decentered, and everyone who enters the space can quickly find his or her comfortable position. The soft spatial movement line removes the sense of oppression, the reception hall is set in the original outer corridor with the best light location, and the soft and gentle wood is chosen as the main material, leaving a large area of white, retaining the beauty of the original structure to the greatest extent, and interweaving light and shadow, so patients entering such a space can feel that there are inside and outside, high and low, like a courtyard, with the space breathing.

Chongqing Dongying Interior Architecture Design Co., Ltd.