Dover Mountain River Yipin Villa Model Room B

by Shenzhen Asymptote Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

How to construct a benign interaction and harmonious symbiosis relationship between people and space, so that its residents can rise from physical and mental relaxation and satisfaction to spiritual happiness, this has always been the designer Yang Song's thinking. The villa in this case is located in Xiapu, Fujian, with an area of 360 square meters. From the ingenious layout of the space to the exquisite design of each utensil and each decoration, it fully reflects the modern aesthetic narrative style that the designer has always been good at. The living room is the key work of the moving space, and the high-rise space gives the body and mind the freedom to stop at will. The lines of modern aesthetics are combined and overlapped and extended vertically to make it transparent and open, paving a fashionable and refined space. At the same time, the designer cleverly uses a touch of earth color and natural texture to fall into the mural in the center of the living room, which is calm but artistic.

Shenzhen Asymptote Architectural Design Co., Ltd.