Precision Handheld Injector

by Innovative Beautycare Technologies(Chang sha)Co.,Ltd.

Projet Description

As an innovative device of the industry, the TL2000-1 Precision handheld injector features a fresh digital injection system. Its user-friendly digital interface allows users to get information easily. The control and adjustment of this product is easy and quick. The entire product is designed in a pen-like form factor with lightweight and simple operation. This product dedicate to save user’s time and energy, ensuring a dynamic balance between physician fatigue and patient satisfaction. The product utilizes an electric injection method to administer medications to patients, ensuring precise dose and stable delivery so that it improves the effectiveness of medication injections and treatment efficiency. It is recommended to use with specially designed disposable sterile injection needles and syringes. It is suitable for injecting various concentrations of hyaluronic acid sodium (Non-crossed and crossed HA) and water-light medications to the patient's face and scalp.

Innovative Beautycare Technologies(Chang sha)Co.,Ltd.

Innovative Beautycare Technologies(Chang sha)Co.,Ltd. located in the Changsha High-tech Development Zone and established in November 2021, is a Class II innovative photonic and drug infusion medical device solution provider. The company integrates independent research and development, production, and sales, and is currently in the process of applying for over 20 domestic patents.
Centered around market and clinical needs, our company focuses on the development, manufacturing, sales, and servicing of medical devices and high-value consumables, guided by evidence-based medicine and our company's DNA Five Principles of research and development. We are committed to becoming a high-tech medical device enterprise that contributes to the national strategy for promoting overall public health, catering to the growing demands of the people for a better quality of life. Our goal is to build the company into a well-known enterprise with leading technology and internationally competitive products.